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VM Viera Models / VM Artists Agency LLC

Established in 2013 VM Viera Models is an agency catering to women, men, teens and kids for all modeling and acting jobs. In 2017 Viera Models opened an exclusive performing arts branch known as VM: Artists Agency LLC focusing on all aspects of performing arts.

Founded by Maggie Marte Romero and owned by Carlos Marte and Charles White, the VM team has been in the industry for a combined 30 years and represents the TOP talents of the Space Coast.

Carlos Marte

Owner & CEO

Carlos found his place at the intersection of technology and entertainment, Carlos is a telecommunication engineer at Harris Corp, who studied at City College and the New York computer technology institute. A fifteen years veteran of the U.S Army, he brought his passion for the fashion industry first to “High Fashion” Agency and now to VM Viera Models & VM Artists Agency LLC. Carlos is responsible for VM contract negotiations, project and vendor planning,

He also works with our roster of photographers to help enhance the final portfolio for the agency’s client.

As an experienced nutritionists and body builder, he supervises the VM staff, talents and acts as their personal trainer.

Carlos has lectured widely in fashion, modeling, lifestyle design and especially Viera Models. Under his CEO position Viera Models has been positioned as the indisputable leader in modeling, fashion, and beauty in our community, Brevard County. He’s in in charge of Viera Models social media. Carlos gives a good deal of his time to charitable organizations through the agency's annual Glitz & Glam fashion for a purpose fashion show. He especially enjoys working with those associated with poverty and family & children abandonment. He resides in Viera, Space coast, Brevard County in Florida.

Laney Oliopoulos


Laney has been with Viera Models since the founding back in the apartment in Viera where VMA was started in 2012. Laney brings a unique eye to Viera Models Agency with her Dominican/Greek heritage.

She's been involved in the entire operation from top-down just as long as the two original owners, having major input on Photography, Wardrobe Selection, talent scouting, and management throughout the years.

Laney officially took on the position of Director in 2020, but still is involved through the entire process of Talent on-boarding, Casting, and training.

Charles White

General Manager, Agent, Director of Acting & Co-Owner

Charles White has always a love for the performing arts. He graduated Stetson University in Deland, Fl with a degree in Theatre Arts and a minor in education. He has been in numerous stage productions and also done behind the scenes work as director, producer, writer, sound and lights.

He has taught in various schools teaching both elementary and high school theatre. In addition he has run several acting studios and camps. He was the writer, director, and the one in charge of all operations. He loves the entertainment field and always keeps himself up to date with that world.

He came to Viera Models in April of 2016 as the agent. The experience was new to him, but came to have a great deal of success doing this work. He is still the agent but he has also taken his love of acting and teaching into the role of Director of Acting.


Maggie Marte Romero

Our Founder

Maggie Marte was the authority on fashion, modeling, and etiquette for more than thirty years as a successful model, motivational speaker, and public service worker. Her career started at the age of fourteen when she graduated from professional modeling and advanced –postgraduate modeling programs at the reputable modeling schools “Fontecha” and “Taller de Modelos” in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Maggie was the fashion editor and educator at the agency. She won numerous trophies including MAA Modeling Association of America as the FIRST PRIZE WINNER in the runway division of her category at the 1997 convention in New York. She had also appeared in many publications and magazines and in more than 50 TV commercials in her native Caribbean country the Dominican Republic as well as Puerto Rico and New York!

She opened her first modeling agency called “High Fashion” at age 20, in which she broke the mold of what was normal in a fashion show with her patented fashion shows that included choreography, acting, singing, and dancing.

She had earned a certificate in patternmaking with an emphasis on fashion design from the prestigious “Fashion Institute of Technology” in New York and a certificate in public speaking and animation for Radio and Television from the “University of Miami”.

She studied acting in New York at the “Puerto Rican Traveling Theater” acting studio that belonged to the legendary actress Miriam Colon mother of Al Pacino on the movie Scarface and music with the renowned conservatory music instructor Josefina Logrono both in New York City.

She later belonged to a music group that worked for Univision and moved to television production and entertainment. She’s the creator of “Glitz and Glam Fashion for a Purpose Fashion Show” the area’s largest, most glamorous, and most admired annual fashion event, and the Model Mania the agency’s first tv show with more than 30 years of experience in show business and especially in the modeling field, MAGGIE IS CONSIDERED A FASHION EXPLORER AND AN ICON IN THE PERFECTION OF MODELING

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